Waterloo Bridge is a video piece, that is both a portrait of the bridge and a self portrait, that will unfold over many years.

The process is to record the bridge once a year, on or as close to my birthday as possible, I started at the middle of the bridge, each year I will move the cameras slightly towards its end, north and south. I make two walks, the entire length of the bridge from south to north, and from north to south, the recordings match the duration of these walks.

My hope, is that the constant structure of the bridge, will provide a portrait of a transforming city, of all the fleeting elements rushing past the camera - the changing fashions of people’s dress, vehicle designs, the skyline, the advertisements on passing buses and taxis, and myself.

To cross the bridge is a process of leaving and re-entering the city, as you walk along it the city releases you, the centre of the bridge belongs to nowhere and no time, it is a point of escape from the city, then as you move towards its edges, the city takes hold of you again.