Between 2010 and 2014 I was Artist in Residence at The British Museum witnessing the construction of the World Conservation and Exhibition Centre.
'View from the Model Room Window 2010-13' is a drawing that took three and a half years to complete. Here are six stages of its development. The idea for the piece was to match the duration of the building project, to start with I completed a drawing of the view from the model room window, before any demolition/construction work started, once the building project began, I returned to the window adding the new forms to my drawings, this was a weekly ritual I carried out for the duration of the building project.

The idea for this drawing was that it would have a direct relationship to the building site, both singular objects transforming and growing over time. There is a difference in that the building site was always only one form at a time, where as the drawing attempted to be all points in time, the most recent form does not simply sit on top of what has come before, but must negotiate a space for itself amongst what has already been established.

The window, that I looked through to observe the site, was removed as part of the building works, and is now a connection point between the new building and the established museum building. I requested to keep the window, and I have used it as a frame for the completed drawing.